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Curiosity and an interest in technology drew me into the world of programming and development. I'm now a software engineer based in Los Angeles that has been working in the industry for 5+ years. I enjoy working in environments where I'm constantly learning and depended on. I consider myself self-disciplined and persistent on being able to plan out and complete a project from start to finish. Feel free to check out my resume.

Development Experience

              eric_dev ~ $ 


My hobbies include going to concerts, watching and playing sports (primarily soccer and basketball), and reading up on anything tech. On my free time you'll probably find me investing, playing some video games, listening to indie music, or taking a nap.


Extend View ( )

Software Engineer / Tech Lead

May, 2018 - Current

  • Extend View
    • Built out the company's web application by adding and improving features and functionality
    • Brought mockups and PSD designs to life. Extensively worked on the UI/UX around the web application
    • Maintained the server and any dev ops operations for optimal performance
    • Created in-house api's to communicate with our mobile app
    • Integrated 3rd party api's and services to work with our codebase (Stripe | AWS | C3.js Chart Library | Google Services | etc)
    • Set up automatic testing integrations to run any time changes or updates are pushed to the codebase
    • Worked on mobile app codebase to implement minor features

Mentor Mint ( )

Software Engineer Intern

Nov, 2017 - Apr, 2018

  • Mentor Mint
    • Added new features to the platform
    • Detected and found solutions for any bugs encountered
    • Worked on the Rails application where the current codebase would be migrated to

Trumaker ( )

Quality Assurance Engineer Intern

Jun, 2016 – Nov, 2016

  • Trumaker
    • Thoroughly tested and approved new features and designs on all Trumaker platforms
    • Detected and documented bugs and errors on all Trumaker platforms
    • Ran weekly regression test to verify and ensure all Trumaker platforms were running as expected
    • Communicated with multiple teams to discuss and document new features to implement or bugs and errors to fix
    • Helped multiple teams with customer and self technical issues

TrueArtist ( )

Software Engineer Intern

Mar, 2016 - Jun, 2016

  • TrueArtist
    • Contributed to the code base to improve the sites UI and UX
    • Implemented and tested various new features
    • Detected and documented bugs on the platform
    • Found and implemented solutions for bugs and errors

San Francisco State University ( )

Computer Science Teacher Assistant

Aug, 2015 - Dec, 2015

  • San Francisco State University
    • Revised and graded programming assignments for students
    • Tutored students individually when they were having trouble with the course material
    • Held group tutoring sessions to help students with their programming assignments


Client Work

Client Work

Gonza Electric's Business Website

Business website for an electric contractor's company called Gonza Electric. It showcases their services, bio, testimonials, and contact information. This site is search engine optimized to appear on Google and Bing search results with keyword "Electrician" in Los Angeles.

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Client Work

Ryan Cho's Personal Website

This is the personal website of film maker Ryan Cho. It showcases his bio, work experience, projects, and contact information.

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Client Work

Maximo's Pizza Business Website

This is the business website for a pizzeria called Maximo's Pizza. It showcases their menu, hours, contact information, and location. This site is search engine optimized to appear on Google and Bing search results with keyword "Pizza" in South Los Angeles.

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Client Work

Beatrize Jude's Personal Website

This is the personal website of digital artist and content creator Beatrize Jude. It showcases her bio, art, projects, and contact information.

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Feel free to contact me through any of the methods listed below. Also, don't forget to check out my resume.